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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sometimes I wish I was better with food. I can follow a recipe really well and it can turn out great! I can also make simple meals from scratch. I read all these food blogs and these people make some amazing meals that are simple! But in my mind I wonder how they got there!

Is it because they have the money for the ingredients? Can't always be because some of them use basic ingredients.

Are they more learned then me? Possibly. A couple of them are trained, so I would definitely say so.

Are they more talented then me? That must be it! Maybe it's just their natural instincts when it comes to food. It's this deep down embedded code that exists inside them; it tells them what goes good with what.

Maybe I just don't have the energy right now to try newer, elaborate meals and I want to just blame it on my "lack of talent." I can honestly blame it on my lack of money, though! LOL! And the fact that I don't live across the street from a grocery store anymore.

I think I might try and be a LITTLE more original tonight (instead of oven pizza or chicken strips.)


Twila said...

OH my goodness Morgan!!! You are a GREAT cook! Are you kidding? I can't even boil noodles right, I never know if meat is cooked, and if it doesn't come as 'instant' I don't even go there. So you are a PRO compared to me!