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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Girl Who Cried Baby

I had a false alarm last night. Now I'm even more afraid of how painful the real thing is going to be!

Dan and I started watching a movie around 7:30. (We watched Revolutionary! Good movie. Sad, but very well done.) About the same time my lower back started to hurt. Then it REALLY started to hurt. I tried to get comfortable every way I could. I tried putting a pillow behind my back and everything. I was also having some pain in my lower abdomen as well.

After the movie I called my mom and asked her if the baby has to drop before you start going into labor and she said "not necessarily." She suggested calling Labor and Delivery so I did and the woman said "sounds like regular end-of-pregnancy aches and pains. Even if you are in labor it's very early on." I also started to notice that I was feeling kinda nauseous and dizzy. I was having some contractions but they were very sporadic and not consistent. I would have one that lasted 30 seconds, have one 25 minutes later that would last 1 minute, then one just 3 minutes later. It would then be another 20 minutes till the next one...just totally inconsistent.

I went upstairs with the computer and posted on my MAMA board I'm a part of. I explained how I was feeling and a lot of them responded saying "try lying down or taking a bath and see if it relaxes you." So I decided to take a warm bath. It felt really nice! At this point the worst part of it all was a splitting headache. Dan went out and got me some Tylenol 'cause all I had was some ibuprofen and the woman at L&D said not to take that. That helped.

After the bath I felt just exhausted and my back was still hurting some. So I curled up in bed and hoped that either it would get worse and I could go the hospital or I would fall asleep and be able to relax. Both Dan and I were kinda hoping it would be former but unfortunately it was the latter. I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. I still woke up quite a bit in the night but each time I slept longer in between and the achy feelings slowly subsided.

My mom's guess for the dizziness and headache were dehydration. Which is why I'm trying to keep on top of drinking tons of water today! It could have also contributed to the pain in my back. Hopefully next time though I'll be able to tell my birth story after a night like that!!


Twila said...

I would have thought the same thing, and you were right to call and check in about it. After my water broke it wasn't death pain my contractions brought, it was like very bad period cramps in my lower back and lower stomach like you said. The only difference that happened is those cramps got worse and worse and 1 minute on top of each other. I never had my stomach tighten or hurt at all. And that's what I thought I had to have in order to be in true labor, so if my water didn't break I wouldn't have even gone in. You're close though!! And you're going to do great!! btw what MAMA board do you use?? It sounds similar to what I use Anyways- Glad you posted this!! It's so exciting to read!!