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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A House Full of Sickos

This really hasn't been a fun week - at all!

It all started with Paul. He came down with a slight fever last Thursday night and was coughing more than usual throughout the day. His fever was gone within a couple hours and thankfully never returned. By Saturday, though, he was full fledged sick. He was coughing a deep, chesty cough and his nose was running a mile a minute! Our good friends Rachael and Ben came to stay for the weekend and despite Paul being sick we had a great time!

By Sunday night my throat was starting to hurt. I haven't been sick since before I was pregnant - at least a year and a half. By Tuesday I was super congested and starting to cough some. OH, and my upper jaw was killing me! Thursday I went to the doctor's and found out I have a sinus and right ear infection. Picked up antibiotics. The next morning I woke up and my left ear was hurting and completely plugged up. On top of it all I stopped being able to smell or taste anything by Monday night. Just today I was finally able to smell and taste again but it is still not completely back. It comes in waves. I'm starting to get a little better each day. My left ear is still plugged up but the antibiotics seem to be working their magic 'cause my jaw doesn't hurt as much.

Now onto Dan, he is starting to get worse! He's getting more congested and his throat is really bothering him. We've kind of crossed paths - lol! I hope that he doesn't get any worse. He doesn't seem to have an infection like I do, which is good. Paul is still congested and is coughing some but he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow anyway so we'll see if it's something worse or if it's just end of flu stuff.

So, this past week we have done nothing. And I pretty much mean it. Rachael and Ben left us the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory so we have been enjoying those - twice through! Poor Paul lost me as his fun mommy for two or three days while I was just miserable. I had absolutely no energy and I found it taxing just doing the normal things with Paul. Thankfully Dan wasn't as sick and was a big help those days. He also helped out with the dishes which have piled up over the week. Now it's my turn with them - whoopee! Now we just need to get back to healthy for Easter this coming weekend! We're going to my parents and I really hope that things are pretty much back to normal! I'll be praying!

To end it all, because it's been a while since I updated, I'll leave you with a few pictures!

Me and my baby boy! He's getting too big too fast!

My little goofball!

Spending time with Daddy and Grandpa Peter (Dan's Dad)

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?

He has been sitting so well on his own!

He's also been creeping his way across the floor -
and the other day he started shuffling along on his little bum!

He loves hanging with Daddy!

My big brown eyed boy!

My favorite!

"Hi Mommy!"