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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Much Needed Update

I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted! I make sure to stay on top of things like Facebook and the MAMA board I am a part of but I have been slacking in the blogging department!

Things have been pretty good around here! They're about to get busy, though! This is the last weekend Dan and I will have alone until after Christmas. Next weekend my brother, Garrett, is visiting and the weekend after that my brother, Galen, is coming to stay. The next weekend is Dan's staff Christmas party (an evening with adults! yay!) and the next day Paul and I are going to stay for a week with my parents. We come back on the 20th or 21st and then the next weekend is over Christmas and we will be at my parents again! It will be a lot of fun but I'm sure it will also be quite tiring!

So, I know you're just itching for an update on Paul! Well, he's doing a lot better than he was the last time I updated. I tried to go back to full time nursing but it STILL wasn't enough for him. He was cranky most of the time and it was getting very exhausting. So we started supplementing with formula and things got a lot better. We were never able to go back to nursing full time and he is now completely on formula. Every couple days I can nurse him once for about 2 minutes! The most part is he is strong, healthy and reaching milestones.

A few weeks ago he spent two days in the hospital for a UTI (urinary tract infection.) Those were a long couple of days. I slept beside him on a cot and stayed with him all day. Dan only had to work one of the days so it was nice to have him with me the other day. Paul slept a lot and didn't eat a much so I pretty much watched TV (we don't have cable at home so it was nice to have it) or talked to the woman across from me. He is fully recovered and hasn't had any problems since! He still hasn't even gotten a cold. Dan and I got our H1N1 shots last week since Paul can't get his yet. We felt fine after, just a sore arm for a couple of days.

Paul is now 24 inches and close to 12 pounds! He's still small for his age but he is gaining and the doctor is happy with that. We had a month of weekly appointments and that was no fun but now that he's on track we don't have to go that often. He got his first set of shots last week and it wasn't too bad. He bawled while it happened but five minutes later he was asleep in the car! I didn't even cry while he got them done but it was still hard to watch. I had to give him some baby Tylenol that evening because he was SO cranky (and ONLY wanted his mommy...aww.)

We are just really enjoying him! He is smiling lots and jabbers away like crazy! He's always jumping in on conversations, especially ones that I am in. He is starting to laugh but right now only does it a couple times a day. I'm anxiously awaiting more!

Well, I should get some cleaning done before he wakes up from his nap!