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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time Off

Some weeks are full of opposite shifts, daycare, running around, paying bills, barely having enough for groceries, tired, cranky children and tired, cranky parents.

Then there are weeks that are full of love and life. Paul and I have been at my parent's house since Saturday and it's been so relaxing and ultimately uneventful. I love that. My parents get some quality time with their grandson and I get a little bit of a break from having to keep an eye on him every single minute of the day. There's also games of Yahtzee, hot coffee and great conversation. We've been to the Fair, celebrated "Gwampa's" birthday and found some good deals at second-hand shops.

Throwing rocks in the water

Paulie and Mommy

I'm on vacation for two weeks (sixteen days to be exact) and am loving every single moment. I haven't had any vacation since I went back to work over a year ago. It actually all fell into place perfectly. Our daycare provider had her baby today (congrats, Sam!) and is off for two weeks and I just got a new job I start Oct. 3rd. That's right, brand spanking new. I'm moving from women's clothing into children's clothing (dangerous.) It's a better position and better pay. I'm excited for the change but I'm also kind of nervous - who isn't when facing a new job?

Another thing I'm excited about is a new baby! We are expecting again and I'm due March 24th. Only 4.5 more weeks till we find out what it is! Boy? Girl? What's your guess? Until then I am content just knowing that it's growing (boy oh boy is it growing) and healthy.

So, as I spend the morning hanging out with mom at her work I feel thankful and blessed to get this time. I like feeling free to say "whatever...we've got all the time we want." I'm soaking up all this beautiful transitional fall weather and making the most of it. Today is shopping and Pad Thai for lunch (something I save for trips "home") with my mom. Lovely day it is, then :)