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Monday, May 4, 2009


So...the peeing thing is getting worse. I was really glad that for the longest time I'd only have to get up once in the night or not at all! Well, those days are gone. I'm up at least twice, usually three times a night now just to pee. I get back to sleep pretty quickly but it's still a nuisance. I'm having a great dream, I'm sleeping soundly and then suddenly I'm awake and I just know I can't get back until I go to the bathroom. Maybe that's why I'm more tired during the days recently. I know that all-in-all it only takes up about a half hour of my night (10 minutes each time, including falling back asleep) but it's more the fact that it interrupts my deep R.E.M. I've been trying really hard to not drink too much in the evenings but that isn't making a difference. Baby is getting bigger and is pushing on my bladder so it can't hold as much at once. So, even if I have just half a small glass it will fill up quick. Sometimes I can feel Baby shifting and push on my bladder. I'll be perfectly fine and then suddenly I have to pee. Very frustrating!

I know that in the end Baby will be worth it and I'll probably blissfully forget about these things (at least for the first while) but right now it is driving me insane. It's not even just at night, though, it's getting worse throughout the day. At work I'm having to run to the bathroom more frequently but I'm getting really good at being super quick.


On another note Mom and Dad got to feel baby move yesterday! They stopped in to visit and have supper with us on their way through to pick up my brother from school (my baby brother is graduating college! *tear*) We always enjoy when they stop through. While they were here Baby couldn't seem to get comfortable so it was constantly moving around. It wasn't really "kicking" but just shifting around. My mom said she could feel an arm or leg when it was moving. When I look down at my belly it is pretty round, but it kind of leans to the right. Must be the way Baby is lying. It's funny how my belly can look quite round but if you feel it it's uneven. I think it will be kinda weird after Baby is born...I'll think I feel it move but realise it's not in there anymore! I'll get to actually watch it make the movements! Only 89 days!


Twila said...

Oh the pee thing- all I have to say is I'm so will love it after the birth because you just pee right out all the water retention you end up having after L&D. I did laugh though because one night I was exhausted, I couldn't keep my eyes open and I was pretty much in tears because I knew I'd get up 20x to pee (I was 39 weeks) so I told Nick I was going to push every drip out so I could sleep longer.... tmi, but I pee'd and then pushed to make sure my bladder was empty....went to grab some TP and my water broke!!! Needless to say I didn't get a good nights sleep until two nights ago! LOL
I learned later it's not your drinking, but the fluid your baby is in constantly is filtered through you and your body has to pee out the 'waste' .... I never knew what the waste was though. It's like you turn into a machine when you are pregnant. lol... it's funny now.. but now when I was preggo. ;)