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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

A few months ago my friend Twila recommended an obstetrician for me and I told my doctor that I would like to get him if I can. Am I glad I did!! He is great! He is so personable and friendly. He got my really excited about LBW coming (not that I wasn't before) and really helped me expand my knowledge on how safe Baby would be coming at different weeks before due date.

According to the scale I have gained 5 pounds, but I don't feel like I have. That's also comparing it to the scale at my doctor's office, so who knows the difference between the two. So, if I actually have put on five pounds (which is probably mostly from my belly) than I still haven't gained any actual weight this pregnancy! That is, I haven't YET. LOL! My urine was fine and my blood pressure was fine, too! I'm so thankful that everything has gone so smoothly with my pregnancy.

That said, it hasn't been perfect. My hip was hurting before I even went to work today. It went away for a bit, but not completely. It's this constant aching in my left hip and sometimes I feel almost like I'm limping a little bit when it's really bad. Luckily my doctor was more than willing to write me a note for shortened shifts at work. They didn't seem too thrilled with it but they can deal! This is my body and my pregnancy. I care about the well-being of my baby and that includes me taking care of myself. Now I don't have to work any more than a five hour shift at once...I'm so excited for that! Today I had to work a longer one because it was already scheduled and they couldn't change it, but that's okay. I can still work just fine, but nine hours is long even with a break. My hip just isn't up for it!

So, as LBW is getting bigger and bigger I am feeling it a lot more. I mean, pretty much all the time. Just little shifts and movements. I don't think it's always awake when it moves because the majority of us move in our sleep out of the womb. I woke up this morning and looked down at my belly to see it completely lopsided! The right side was raised a lot higher and it was harder, too! Later I laid down and looked at my belly and I could tell there was an arm or a leg sticking out because there was a little peak of sorts in the middle of my belly. How cool is that?