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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Shower

So, next Sunday is my baby shower with the women from work plus some others. I'm actually really excited!! Almost more excited then I was for my wedding showers. I think the reason is it's more for baby than for me. These friends of mine are willing to get together and provide my child with clothes and toys and essentials to make life better for it. I feel so blessed already and it hasn't happened yet! I'll have to show you pictures and tell you all about it after it has happened.

On another note, here is a picture of what my baby is approximately at right now:

I'm pretty sure baby is now head down because I feel a lot more pressure on my ribs. And it feels like it's probably feet and not just a head. It can be rather annoying, especially while I'm sitting down. It makes it harder to breathe...that's NEVER fun! I'm feeling more and more anxious for baby to come. Not in a bad way, just ready to be done with pregnancy. I am enjoying it but I'm just kind of tired of it right now. The last couple of days I've had 2 hour naps!! And STILL slept through the night! I am also excited just to meet this little one!

10 weeks!!!!