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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Belly Is Alive!!

This morning I was sitting on my bed playing some Yahtzee on my iPod (I'm extremely addicted) and baby was having a great time moving around. I think it must have been as hungry as I was. I stopped for a bit just to watch my tummy move. It's so amazing to think that the little one in there right now will be moving around just the same OUTSIDE my tummy in just a few short months. I still can't completely grasp it. Now that Dan has been able to feel it a few times he will randomly place his hand on my belly and ask if it's moving. It is really sweet and it makes me feel like he's connecting with it all more. I know it's hard for men to really be a part of it beforehand and I feel for him with that. He's doing what he can, though, and he's extremely supportive when I need him to be. I am such a lucky woman!