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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prenatal Class and Ben and Jerry's

So we went to our second prenatal class tonight and I think Dan was relieved that there was no video this time. Last week they showed one that was somewhat graphic. I'm kind of enjoying the class. There are six couples altogether, including us, so it's fairly intimate. This week we did some breathing exercises which I'm hoping will be helpful during labor. I think the key is practicing them before hand.

Sweets are getting to me. I'm starting to enjoy them more. Anything from a cookie to Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I've never been big on that kind of stuff. I'm also enjoying juice more which I've almost been against for so long. Specifically fruit's sooo refreshing! Maybe I'm letting my blood sugar levels drop too low and that's why I'm craving these things more. I should try and stop that from happening. I don't want to get gestational diabetes...or just plain diabetes. That would not be good.

Dan felt Baby again today! He walked in the door after work and Baby started moving around when he started talking. So I placed his hand on my belly and he felt it a couple times. He thought it was really cool. Now I know he'll be able to start feeling it more often. I'm enjoying that myself! We've learned that he can feel it more when I'm standing up because my "softness" squishes around my stomach when I'm sitting or lying down. When I'm standing you can feel the hardness of the belly more. (I just realised I forgot to mention that Dan finally felt Baby move a couple days ago for the first time!)

Well, I'm gonna go finish my glass of juice and probably head to bed soon. We both have the day off tomorrow and we're thinking of getting up in time to get a free coffee from McDonald's! Maybe I'll be able to get a McMuffin too! ;-)


mommo4.5 said...

I craved fruit and juice in my last pregnancy, especially citrus. Maybe your fruit juice craving could be satisfied by eating just fruit, like oranges and grapefruit, maybe a banana or grapes. You'd still get the fruity satisfaction without so much concentrated sugar. Raisins might even help satisfy it. (I hate to mention it, but fruit punch has a lot of added sugar besides just what's in the fruit.)

Enjoy your Mc-ee-Donald's tomorrow! (No sugar in that!)

Morgan said...

Ya, my fruit punch craving bothers me specifically for that reason! I had apple juice at lunch and it was sooooo good! I bought a mix of fresh pineapple and strawberries from Loblaws and didn't really touch the strawberries (it's not quite the season yet so they weren't amazing.) I think I like the really juicy fruits; ones with rich flavor. I'll try and cut out the sugary drinks!