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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

22 Weeks and 3 Days

So I'm into my 23rd week. It seems to be going by so fast! Just yesterday as I was getting ready for work Dan looked at my profile and said "wow! Baby is getting big! Look at your belly!" Having a growing baby in there makes me less self conscious about comments like! As baby grows it is getting stronger. I can feel it stretching a lot more and sometimes it isn't always a nice feeling. I will be perfectly fine and not feel like I have to pee and then baby makes one movement and boom, I have to pee! It won't move for a long time (or if it does it's so small I can't feel it) and all of a sudden it will start moving like crazy. That's when I have to pee more. I try not to drink too much water in the evening so I won't have to get up much in the middle of the night. I usually have to go once around 2:30 and then again around 6:30, so it's not too bad so far. (I will look back on this post with envy in my last month I bet!) When I'm at work, though, I usually have to go every couple of hours. Must be from all the running around. Plus it gets so dry in the store so I'm usually drinking a lot of water on a shift.

My big project this month is working on weekly meal plans. Dan and I have decided that since we have a house to own now (and a mortgage to pay) we need to be REALLY careful with our money. We tend to eat out a lot (partially because we like it so much and partially because we're lazy) so we've made the choice to not eat out at all for the next month. That doesn't include with friends or family but just on our own. My goal is $50 a week. That's even with baby around, considering I'll be breastfeeding. We're pretty easy to please and we've been able to do it before so I'm positive we can do it again. So, speaking of $50 a week I need to go get some groceries!

Here are some belly pics to keep you satisfied till next week! Sometimes it looks about the same size but if you look closely it really is growing!