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Saturday, March 14, 2009

20 Weeks

Now don't get too excited yet...I'm not technically half way there until the END of the 20th week. But my oh my how baby is growing. I took a couple pictures tonight and compared them to the last ones not even a week ago and my belly is already bigger!! Dan is in disbelief.

So, I only have 4 1/2 months to go until my due date. When I realised that last night I went into a mini panic attack. I started feeling like we have nothing for baby. We have a few clothes but other than that nothing. We still need to get the bassinet from my parents, the stroller and car seat set from Shannon and Sarkis, we need diapers, more clothes, etc. I know that we'll be prepared by the time baby gets here but for a moment I felt completely unprepared and irresponsible. Suddenly 4 1/2 months didn't seem so far away. (On a high note I will be done work in 3 1/2 months! Yay!)

I had my doctor's appointment on Thursday and everything is good! She checked the heart beat and it was about 150 which it usually is. Between 120 and 180 is normal so my baby is satisfied in the middle. Everything seems to be good and the doctor said that she could book us another ultrasound if we really wanted to know, but we said that it's okay. We're alright not knowing! Plus, I don't think I want to go through the pain (yes, literal pain) of having to hold in an extremely full bladder while waiting for them to take us in a half hour late and then proceeding to have someone push on that full bladder for far too long. At the maternity store today one of the workers (who looks like she could give birth any moment) told me that one place in town charges $40 and will devote a half hour JUST to finding out your baby's gender. I guess a full half hour will do it! lol.

Well, I am tired and think I'm going to head to bed. We were supposed to go to have lunch at our friend's place tomorrow (and meet their little 1 1/2 month old daughter) but something came up for them so sadly we won't be doing that. It gives us time to do some cleaning tomorrow which is long overdue. I've been taking pictures of my belly pretty much every week so I will continue to post. Keep reading and I'll keep updating! :D


mommo4.5 said...

Nice lookin' belly. That's gramma's baby!

Twila said...

You look fab!!! Love the shirt too!!

Morgan said...

Good ol' Suzy Shier!