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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Productive Day!

Today has been a good day! I woke up before the alarm went off which is always great. It makes me feel healthy and alive when my body wakes me up refreshed before I thought I would need to. So, I helped hubby get ready for work (ironed his clothes, made him breakfast, complimented his appearance) which I actually enjoy more than I may let on sometimes. I walked across the street and picked up some groceries (including much needed dog food for my super hungry pup) and made myself a very yummy chicken stir-fry! I decided that I should make the most of being able to walk over to the grocery store now before I'm too big to feel comfortable to do so. Plus, with my perfect timing, the bigger I will get in my pregnancy the hotter the weather will get...good planning! :P

Also, I did my taxes today! Yay! Last year I used Quicktax and got it all done relatively fast but realised a month later that I hadn't actually filed it...just completed it. That was really frustrating because we really needed the money! This time I made sure I completed it to the very end. I used Quicktax again and I really recommend it! I finished it all in under an hour! Now I'm hoping that the amount they tell me I'm getting back is what I actually see on the cheque...sometimes the CRA tweeks it a little bit. I don't like that.

Tonight I am also getting my eyebrows done and my hair trimmed. I have needed to do both for months but have put it off...well, I think just plain forgot about it. I always love doing those things because it makes me feel girly and it's something I can enjoy on my own. I always feel refreshed afterwords. I'm looking forward to that tonight!

I just have to mention again just how much I love feeling LBW move inside me. I can't even find all the right words to explain it. Anyone who is a mother will understand. It's like when you're under a blanket that is tightly wrapped around you and you move a limb so that it brushes that blanket and pushes on it. Now imagine you are the blanket and the baby is stretching underneath it...that's what it feels like. It's starting to feel stronger and stronger and I love every single movement. No matter how much I am dying to meet my little one and will be so happy to have it in my arms I have a feeling that I will miss those movements inside me. It's something that I can share with it alone. It is my own personal, intimate connection between me and my baby. Therefore I will cherish it and never forget how wonderful those moments are!