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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Mother

My mother is full of grace and beauty;
Of truth and wisdom and faith

When looking in her eyes all you can see

is peace and true contentment

She may be small but she holds herself high

without a drop of pride

She's strong and bold, but easily hurt

when someone displaces her trust

She dances and sings to her very own tune

that she shares with only a few

She has her a man who beside her will stand

until the day she lays down

Her heart is a-flutter with hope to discover

the plan her God shows her each day

She carried and labored four children who love her

with every beat of their hearts

If it wasn't for my mother I would never know

how beautiful God can be

She's aging in body but look very closely

you'll see that her heart is still young

In all of the world I'm sure I won't find
a mother who is quite like mine


mommo4.5 said...

My little girl, What can I say? I am honoured and humbled by your words and blessed to know that I am a blessing to you.

It is a joy to watch you becoming your own woman (as you have been for quite some time). You are also a blessing to me.

And that part about loving with every beat of of your heart? -- Right back at you!!