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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Awakening Begins

I am anxiously awaiting Spring. I love when the snow starts to melt and the air smells like it is waking up. Everything is fresh and new and alive. I LOVE Spring. I am already seeing little signs of it:

When I wake up and the floor isn't cold to the touch.
When I look outside and joyously see that there is less snow on the ground than there was the day before.

When I can walk outside in a sweater and not feel a chill that reaches deep into my bones.

When I can start to wear my flip-flops!! :)

I look forward to it every year. I also love the Spring rains, the flowers starting to bloom, the awakening of the city again. Many little things that make this season so special.

I am also always reminded of the grace of God at this time. God could choose to give us the exact same day all year long, but he doesn't. He decided to make everywhere in the world different every single day. It's even different weather 2 hours away from me where my parent's live.

Sometimes there has to be death for life to be renewed. I strive to die to myself everyday so that God can make me new and beautiful and useful. Jesus became so full of sin on the cross that he had to die in order to create a path from us to God. How beautiful is that?

I think of a song by Bethany Dillon called "New". She says "You take an ordinary day and turn it into flowers like the month of May." Always makes me think of Spring and just how everything goes through a renewal process year after year, day after day, without fail. We do the same, it just might not always be as grand and visible as Springtime. But we are made new.

by Bethany Dillon

What is this sun that conquers mountains

Singing over what has been asleep?

What is it that softens all my doubting?

It's you

Morning brings a hunger for new eyes

That have been covered by the hurt of yesterday

Who could create in me the vision of a little child?
It's you

You take an ordinary day

And turn it into flowers like the month of May

Yes you do

You see all my pain

You cry over it for hours till I'm new again

Yes you do

When I have been a victim of familiarity

When my heart has fallen into sleep

Healing is the voice that awakens me

And it is you

You make me new


mommo4.5 said...

This is beautiful, Sis. I've often felt the same way about Spring - that it mirrors what Christ has done for us. There's such hope in that looking forward toward the lightness. Wow! Easter is almost here!