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Friday, March 28, 2008


When will I be treated like an adult? When you're younger you dream about being an adult and finally being a part of that world. Well, when does that happen? When you're 20? 30? 40? 50? I'm almost 24 years old and I still feel many times like I have not yet entered that world of adulthood. Not by my standards, but by others. What is the standard? When I am a student, why do I automatically get clumped into the group that is made up of 17-18 year old freshman? I get treated like I know nothing; that I haven't experienced anything. This is just extremely unfair.

I'm not trying to be a complainer or whiner, I'm just tired of it all. I'm just ranting a little. I mean, if I was 20 years older then I am, would my superintendent say she was disappointed because of a miscommunication between us? Who says that? I am living here, paying rent to the property management (not her), we are quiet (we try hard to consider the couple beside us with young kids), we have only been one day late on our rent once, it has never bounced, we have been nice to our superintendent, I have never been rude back to is just ridiculous the way she treats us. I can bet you everything that she would never treat someone even 10 years older than us the same way.

This is what I mean by being treated like I'm still super young. I know that I still have many ways that I need to mature, I'm not arguing that at all. But where is the grace? Where is the room to grow and change? It makes me think of one Joy Williams song where she says "They say I am too young to really understand. They say I am too old to be where I am. They say just fit in and you'll be just fine. But I can't buy the lie." Has anyone else felt that way while they are young now or when you were young? When does this phase end? When will I get treated the age I feel and know I am?