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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Proper Diet + Exercise = Healthy Me

I seem to do a better job writing on this blog when I'm working then on my days off. Haha! Sorry that it's been a couple days.

Today was great! I had a girl's day that I had been needing for quite some time now. I went with a friend from work to see "27 Dresses" which was really cute. Then we went and shopped a bit and then had dinner. It was a blast! I got an exercise ball which I am very intentional about using. It may take me some time, but I know that it would help relieve some lower back pain. I didn't do so hot with my eating (what's new). For lunch today I had some leftover beef stew and a cookie. Then when we went to the movie I caved and had nachos and an overly huge Sprite. It was very delicious I might add. Nonetheless it will not aid in the loss of inches from my body.

I was thinking today that it's not necessarily the eating that's the problem but the motivation to exercise. I've never been a very active person. I was never in sports when I was younger. Well, that's not true. I joined the basketball team in grade 5. We had one practice and played one game (which we lost). And that was that. Since then I haven't been involved in any sports. Not because of that but because I just don't like them. I prefer going to the gym, honestly. I have a gym membership that I'm not even using. Who really likes to exercise? Seriously! But just with eating right I need to remember that it's only going to make my life easier and better. It's more about health. Will it just hit me one of these days in my head? Like those V8 commercials...I'm waiting for someone to come up and do that to me. Will someone do that please? lol.