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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Still preggo.

I had a doctor's appointment today and I'm still closed and long. He said not to be frustrated about that because it really does mean nothing. Things could change instantly. He went ahead and had me book an ultrasound for Friday morning so they can check to make sure that the fluid levels and such are good. I also have an appointment booked for Monday. If I make it to that he will induce me that day. He said he really doesn't want to induce, but at my hospital they don't let you go past 10 days overdue.

Hopefully I'll have baby before the ultrasound. That would be GREAT!


Twila said...

My money is on this weekend (including friday)I think you will go before being induced!! I just think the due date was a little off that's all!! I'm going with a 7lb 10oz baby too!! So average! Hang in there... well, you have no choice...and you're probably sick of people tell you to sleep while you can. You will know WHY we are all so demanding in this area this time next week!!!! Looking forward to pictures!! :)