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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LBW Has Revealed Itself

I had my ultrasound today! It was so exciting!! I LOVED seeing my little one all grown up since the last time. It was amazing how much it had grown! It looked a lot more human.

He is beautiful.

That's right; HE!! LBW decided that he wanted me to know what he is. Dan wasn't able to be there for the ultrasound because he had to work so I got to surprise him with it. I bought a couple boy outfits and a pair of little shoes and wrapped them up in a gift back. I wrote a card saying "To Daddy, can you figure out what I am? Love LBW." He was really excited when he opened it up! I also got him this cute little book about a little bunny and his father. We couldn't be happier! I mean, we would be just as excited if it was a girl but we are excited to know and picture (somewhat) our little baby boy!

Here are a couple pictures from the ultrasound:


Twila said...

What a little blessing HE is!!! Nick wasn't there for my level 2 ultrasound either because I was admitted to the hospital and they took me down for it at 7:30am before he was able to get there. :( However, I was excited that I could surprise him myself too!! Although, he knew it was a girl all along. lol
Love the pics!!! I never asked if the placenta had moved up or not? I'm assuming it has since you didn't seem to have any concerns! :)
Praise the Lord for that!!

Morgan said...

The technician didn't say anything about the placenta but when she took the pic of it and typed "placenta" it was higher up on my I'm guessing it has. I'll get the full report at my dr appt on Monday! Yay!! I'm getting more and more excited for this little man to come!!

mommo4.5 said...

Such fun to see his face! I'm going to have fun getting that little face to smile!!

Morgan said...

And he will love you getting him to smile!! I`m so anxious to meet him!!