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Thursday, February 12, 2009

15 Weeks and 5 days

I had my doctor's appointment today! I must say that it came quicker than I thought. Once I was there it seemed like I had just been there a week ago! A month can go by pretty quickly. So, my blood work from the last visit was all good. And I guess my urine was good, too, 'cause she never said any different. It's the one time when "negative" is a good word! LOL!

I got to hear Baby Wilson's heartbeat for the first time today. It definitely brought a big smile to my face. I guess I'm still waiting for it to "hit" me that there is a living, breathing baby in my belly. Even hearing the heartbeat I didn't tear up or anything. I guess maybe I'm very realistic and am not surprised by things like the heartbeat and the rumblings in my tummy. I'm expecting them so they don't really surprise me. It was still good to know that the heartbeat is average and all seems to be good! She mentioned that my uterus seems a bit big for how far along I am, but my mom said that they always told her the same thing with each child and her mom was told the same. So, I guess having a big uterus runs in my family! HAHAHA

So, two weeks from Monday (Mar. 2) I will have my ultrasound! My doctor said anytime on or after March 1st because I will be 18 weeks at that point and they were able to book me the day after that! I'm SUPER excited for that! If all goes well we will know whether Baby Wilson is a boy or a girl!!! That is definitely one thing that I am psyched about. I don't really care what we have, and I know it's very cliche to say that, but I really don't. I guess deep down I'm kind of hoping for a girl, but a boy would be wonderful too!! A little mini-me of my husband wouldn't be a bad thing! :P

Well, I'm off to bed...pretty tired! My parent's are coming to visit this weekend and I'm excited for that. I always like spending time with them. My mom and I might do some maternity clothes shopping...I wouldn't mind that! So, I will update again when I've got more to tell!


mommo4.5 said...

I'll see you Saturday morning, bright and early. Make sure Dan has some coffee!