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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lagging Behind

I try to keep on top of things as best I can, but sometimes things just slip my mind and it can be a long time till it finds it's way back in there. For instance, a dentist appointment. The last time I had my teeth cleaned was two years's supposed to be every six months. Therefore, I'm already three behind and I'm about to be four. How can I not remember to do this?

Yesterday I finally got new glasses. In the course of moving for the fourth time last year I lost my sole pair. I rarely wore them so it doesn't surprise me. For a YEAR I have needed new glasses! So how does something so important and necessary like that take a stroll out of my brain?

I think the reason we forget to do these things is because they are so important. We remember to do little things more often because we face them on a day to day, week to week basis. The big things take time and effort. To set up a doctor's appointment you have to sit at the phone and try to get through for twenty minutes (at least for mine you do). Then you have to mark it on your calender, in your daytimer, on a post it note at work to make sure you book that time's a lot to do. I feel that this is the reason we forget to do those things. Remembering to pick up cheese at the grocery store for this weekend's mac and cheese themed dinner party is a lot easier to remember because it is so near in the future.

I'm no research scientist and maybe it's just me, but I have a lot of friends like this! Maybe we group! I know some people are adamant about those things and make sure to have their dentist appointment every six months and their doctor appointment booked a year in advance. Hopefully one day I will remember to stay on top of those things, but till then, I'll tell myself that two years between dentist appointments really can't be THAT bad...right?