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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Little Man

He is getting so big! It's not fair! After all these moments pass I realize they will never happen again. The first time he rolls over, grabs something, pulls something to his mouth, smiles, laughs, eats his first solids...these are all once in a lifetime things! I try and make sure to take time to cherish it all.

Speaking of solids, Paul had his first yesterday! He had avocado and he just loved it! He ate about 4 tablespoons. I gave him more today and he ate about half that. I was really impressed.

We've entered a whole new journey in Paul's life and I'm excited for it! I love food so much and I'm anxious to see what Paul loves. Hopefully he likes veggies as much as I do!!


Brandee said...

Ahhh, he is just too adorable. I love the first foods pictures - he did a great job for his first time!

Supermom said...

awww he's just so cute!!! we have the same highchair too!

Morgan said...

I am in love with this high chair!!