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Friday, May 16, 2008

Priceless friends

There is something so comforting about good friends. The joy of seeing one another after a long period of time and settling back into conversation as if you had just seen each other the day before. The deep sense of pride you have in a friend when they accomplished a life goal and the anticipation of watching them create new ones. There is also the comfort in knowing that you have someone to listen to you on the worst of days.

I have the pleasure of knowing two friends for a long period of time. My friend, Erynne, I have known for almost 13 years. Shannon I have known for nearly 12. These friends of mine rest very deep in my heart. I'm not sure what I would do without either one of them in my life. I am so deeply proud of them for their life accomplishments so far! Erynne is one year away from graduating with a BA and Shannon is a loving mother of an 15 month old son. How could I not be proud?

I have watched both of my friends go through pain and sadness and I've watched them go through times of extreme joy. I've seen them dig deep and search their inner beings to find out who they are and I have also seen them ground themselves in knowing just who they are and what they stand for. They are strong-willed and have strong hearts. They have both been through their share of tribulations but they have always come out stronger in the end.

I have learned many things from my dear, close friends. They have taught me to be bold. They have taught me to laugh, to love and to enjoy simple pleasures. They have taught me that it is okay to cry sometimes. I have also learned how to live stronger because of them. They may not realize it but I have also learned about God through them. Their beauty and grace have shown me Him in so many ways. I could not, and would not, replace their friendship for anything in this whole entire world. They are priceless.

The simple truth is: we fit!