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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Nursery

The last time I was in Ottawa my mom and I went to Fabricland and got some beautiful fabric for the bassinet! While there I decided to get more of the same fabric so we can make a valence for the window in the nursery. So today when Dan asked me if there was one thing I wanted to do today I told him I wanted to check the store here to see if they had any of the same fabric. Luckily they did!! So, I decided that I also want to use the same fabric for bumper pads on the crib (that was so graciously given to us for free!) Dan was worried that we would end up spending tons of time there but we were actually out of there in about 20 minutes. We also picked out a ribbon for the ties and found more of the rick-rack that my mom and I had picked out as trim for the curtains. And on top of all that, the rick-rack was buy 1m and get 2m free!! So I got 6m for the price of 2! I won't be able to do anything with it considering my mom is the one with the sewing machine and I don't think I'll get out to Ottawa again until I'm on my leave (June 12th!!!!) So I will enjoy just taking a look at it every once and awhile knowing that it is for my beautiful baby which is on it's way!

I have a couple pictures of the bassinet with the fabric in it (my mom has made a new liner since and has redone the hood), but you can get an idea of what it looks like. I also have a picture of the bumper pad ribbon against the fabric, which is nice because you can see the fabric closer up. Now we're just deciding exactly what color to paint the nursery. This is a lot of fun!!


Twila said...

So cute!!! Enjoy this time of preparation it's so fun!!