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Monday, March 2, 2009

18 Weeks 2 days...or 3 days?

This is Baby! This is the sweet little precious life that has been growing and changing rapidly inside of me. This is the one that will call me "mom" for the rest of my life. I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed right now. My little baby is an active one...I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it's into sports, like it's daddy. It was amazing to see it's little hands and feet move around. I wanted to spend all day in that room just watching my baby on that screen!

We were wanting to find out the gender today but Baby wouldn't let us. And you know what? I'm actually okay with it. I thought I would be really sad that we couldn't tell but it's actually made me that much more excited to wait! We can keep guessing till the end! That way we can decide on a name when we see it's lovely little face! I have a new found respect for people who wait (not that I have anything against people who find out because I really wanted to know myself.) Although, I will admit that I was starting to think that maybe I didn't really want to know before the ultrasound. Dan asked me this morning and I said "ya, I definitely want to know," but there was still a tiny part of my that was hoping to maybe not find out. I know that sounds weird 'cause I was going on about it, but I guess we were destined not to know!

After the ultrasound I have more of an idea of where Baby actually is positioned when I feel it kicking. When we started today Baby's head was on my right side and it's legs on my left. By the end it's head was at my belly button and it's legs down by my pelvis. It must still be in the second position because tonight I've felt it kick a couple times right there. At least it's done a 360 and ended up back there! lol! I LOVE feeling Baby kick!! Especially now that I've seen it's little feet it just amazes me when I feel it. I felt a really good one just 5 minutes far it's just wonderful and not annoying. We'll see in 3 months or so how I feel about it!

Well, I'm tired and full of tortilla chips and con queso (to celebrate a healthy baby! lol!) I love that stuff...that's why I only eat it once or twice a month (I bet you thought I was going to say!) OH!! One more thing. Baby is 8 oz! She said it's a good size for where I'm at. I guess the average is about 7 oz so Baby is doing well. And according to it's measurements I'm due July day difference. I'll stick to August 1st. And I am sooooo excited to get there!!


mommo4.5 said...

The more I look at this picture, the more it looks like a baby. You can actually see its little right arm and hand in front of its face, and the bony little fingers. Sooo sweet! I'm looking for a hug from those little arms in a few months time.